bumm-Event Special Guest: Frau Agnes

Frau Agnes is based on a real-life person. In 2013, that lady already inspired a puppet for the BR show “Sauhund”, but I always felt that she had some further potential to explore. So I created a new character and built a puppet for it: Allow me to introduce Frau Agnes!
During the workshops, she assisted me, serving as a vivid example of her kind. But being an enthusiastic reader of the yellow press in possesion of a VIP tag -I made them and she somehow must have gotten hold of one-, she took some time off and went around the bumm film compound hunting for celebs (from left to right: “Mara” Lilian Prent, Sophia Leonard, Esther Schweins).

2015-10-24-25 Frau Agnes' selfies 800x276

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