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bumm-Event Special Guest: Frau Agnes

Frau Agnes is based on a real-life person. In 2013, that lady already inspired a puppet for the BR show “Sauhund”, but I always felt that she had some further potential to explore. So I created a new character and built a puppet for it: Allow me to introduce Frau Agnes!
During the workshops, she assisted me, serving as a vivid example of her kind. But being an enthusiastic reader of the yellow press in possesion of a VIP tag -I made them and she somehow must have gotten hold of one-, she took some time off and went around the bumm film compound hunting for celebs (from left to right: “Mara” Lilian Prent, Sophia Leonard, Esther Schweins).

2015-10-24-25 Frau Agnes' selfies 800x276

Puppet-Workshop – the final day

Oct 26, 2015 @ 09:39

Oof, I won’t lie – I am a bit ‘kaputt’ right now. At the beginning, I was a bit shocked hearing that a lot more workshops were to be held than originally planned. Demand was so high that instead of two workshops (one on Saturday, one on Sunday), we now offered five!

However, Looking back I would not have liked to cancel any of them. The amout of creativity that the particpants showed was really incredible. In 2 days, nearly 40 really expressive puppet characters saw the light of day! Lots of thanks to the participants, and kudos also to bumm film, who offered this workshop during their DVD-release party of “Mara und der Feuerbringer“.

2015-10-25 Puupetworkshop 700x489
The sunday’s workshop’s puppets – and their mothers and fathers.

Puppet-Workshop – first results

Oh, what a day! Three workshops are over. Of course, two hours are a really tight schedule for teaching eight participants to build sock puppets. Forming them to working characters was the thing which I considered really difficult. Hence, I really, really do appreciate the results. But have a look for yourself…

2015-10-24 Puppetworkshop 800x425

And once again, many thanks to my participans. I had a great time with you!