DingStars: The Lamp

From sketch to the finished puppet.

One of my DingStar-puppets. This one is exceptionally not manipulated from below but from above. (That’s why the upper rim of the lampshade will never be seen on screen.) A rod, fixed to an elastic is used to push down the lower lip of the puppet. Reducing the pressure on the rod and with that on the elastic will cause the mouth to close in a quite natural way.

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DingStars: talking things

Preparation for a new show on BR – Bayerischer Rundfunk. I’m going to produce clips that will be used to introduce the show’s guests.
The audio level is going to be a real audio survey about the prevailing guest. Later on, I will build puppets from every-day items and animate their mouthes to the voices of the prerecorded survey.
That’s going to be big fun.