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A “Schultüte” for the nephew

This school year, my nephew started school. (Yes, he is that big already).
Here in Germany, there is a custom to give children a „Schultüte“ (school-cone) when they start school. This cardboard cone is usually colorfully decorated and filled with all kinds of useful things for the start of school (a watercolor box, crayons and colored pencils, ruler and eraser). But of course, there’s always plenty of candy in there, too.

Of course, my nephew couldn’t start his school career with just any bought school-cone, possibly printed with those annoying firefighter puppies or any superheroes. It had to be his friends from their mutual space adventures!

Squashed Slugs

Making of squeezed slugs 1111x275

No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Protecting animals is taken seriously when making a movie – even concerning what most people would simply consider vermin. In König Laurin squashed slugs were to be shown. Therefore, my job was to create true-to-life (or better true-to-death) slug dummies.

Linaria vulgaris

The mountain pastures are beautiful but we would have liked to find some specimen of common toadflax. The stupid plant does not grow there by itself and we couldn’t find artificial flowers. So I built it on my own…

I took apart several artificial Flowers, and re-arranged the most fitting parts. The blossoms are composite parts themselves.
It is a bit like a witches’ cauldron: Take Asparagus, Cuckooflower, Lupinis buds, yellow Dendrobium and Wisteria sinensis flowers, mince and mix thoroughly – behold my creation of toadflax!

2015-08-22 Linaria Vulgaris real and fake 800x521

Fake Latte Macchiato, long, looong lasting

4x Latte Macchiato 1000x1000

After having worked recently on a coffee house set, I got the idea to share my admittedly simple, however effective recipe for a fake latte macchiato.

Last spring, I had to dress a whole sidewalk cafe. It wouldn’t have been possible to redress everything between shots for maintaining continuity. Therefore, I needed a solution that would last for the whole shooting day.

After carrying out a few experiments in the run up to the shoot, I found out that plain old canned shaving foam is the ideal solution. I just pour milk into the glass and add – very carefully – a little amount of strong coffee prepared from an instant product. Finally, I add a nice topping of shaving foam.
All ingredients can easily be kept ready to use. And the result looks stunning and really lasts for hours!