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Fake Latte Macchiato, long, looong lasting

4x Latte Macchiato 1000x1000

After having worked recently on a coffee house set, I got the idea to share my admittedly simple, however effective recipe for a fake latte macchiato.

Last spring, I had to dress a whole sidewalk cafe. It wouldn’t have been possible to redress everything between shots for maintaining continuity. Therefore, I needed a solution that would last for the whole shooting day.

After carrying out a few experiments in the run up to the shoot, I found out that plain old canned shaving foam is the ideal solution. I just pour milk into the glass and add – very carefully – a little amount of strong coffee prepared from an instant product. Finally, I add a nice topping of shaving foam.
All ingredients can easily be kept ready to use. And the result looks stunning and really lasts for hours!

Rübezahl: faking a manuscript

Some Handwriting.

A documentary about the authors who wrote about Rübezahl, the folklore mountain spirit of the Bohemian and Silesian Giant Mountains. We’re preparing a detail shot, showing Johannes Praetorius, one of the historical authors, writing a manuscript. I take over as the hand double writing in historically correct old German Kurrent, the handwriting of those times.

Blog-2014-01-14 (1)

Fancy an extract?

Blog-2014-01-14 (2)

Don’t worry. The text is not only written in a historical handwriting, but also drawn up in 17th century German. So the following transcript also won’t help the German-speaking readers too much ;-)

“Darauf antwortet der [Bursch, es wird zwar wenig]
sein, doch langet er zugleich erst nach dem
Schiebesack und zeucht vom Rest etwan noch
zehen oder eilff Schoten heraus eröffnet eine
und siehet daß es nicht mehr grüne Erbsen
sondern klares gelbes Gold gewesen
welches er auch in den übrigen ertappet
alles miteinander verwahret ungeachtet
daß der Wirth um ein paar bahtet.
Zum anderen visitirete er auch mit Ver-
wunderung seine Flaschen und fand des- […]”

[Praetorius, Johannes: Rübezahl machet Erbsen zu Gold.; in: Des Rübezahls Dritter und gantz Nagel-neuer Historischer Theil. Leipzig, Arnstadt 1673]